Klopp’s humorous dig at West Ham manager before game; won’t lead to firing

    German Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, David Moyes, West Ham United manager, joked before the match tonight, Wednesday, in the 33rd round of the Premier League.

    Klopp has said he doesn’t want David Moyes to be sacked so the German isn’t the oldest manager in English Premier League football competition.

    Moyes is 60 years old and started his coaching career in the English Championship almost 20 years ago, while Klopp ended his 55th year and his first English Premier League appointment was at Liverpool in 2015.

    Klopp jokingly added during the pre-match press conference: “If West Ham United fired David Moyes, I would be the biggest manager in the Premier League and I didn’t want that! David must stay! He is an outstanding colleague. “

    And the coach continued: “He is a really good person, I love that he always finds a way to make himself an outstanding coach. It may not have worked for him at Manchester United, but it was the most difficult moment in history. over there.”

    West Ham United are thirteenth in the Premier League table with 34 points, not far from relegation-threatening positions, while Liverpool are seventh in the table with 50 points, a long way from Champions League centers.

    Source: agencies

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