Klopp pledges that Liverpool’s fighting spirit will enhance his managerial skills in the future

    Jurgen Klopp believes Liverpool’s difficulties will make him a better manager in the long run ahead of the game against Premier League leaders Arsenal.

    The Reds have been consistent silver contenders for the past five years, having won every major national and international club award.

    But this season, their fortunes have plummeted as the German has failed to keep them in contention for the title on multiple fronts.

    Klopp, however, believes the difficulties he has faced this season will only help him grow in the future, adding that he has no doubts about his abilities.

    “In the long run, definitely,” he said when asked if the hardships of their relationship made it any better. “Definitely. You need to improve in order to get the best out of yourself, you need to know about everything.

    “It will help us, as well as the entire coaching staff, definitely at the moment. We must do the right thing and help the boys become the best version of themselves again.

    “If I constantly doubted myself after losing a football match, it would be very difficult for me (to get here). But it’s not a problem. It’s not that I’ve ever considered myself the best manager.

    “I understand football and I understand a lot of things, you know a lot about people, you learn a lot about people. Sometimes things take time.”

    After last season’s FA Cup and FA Cup double, there will be another no-honours season at Anfield this season with Liverpool still battling to get into Europe.

    They hail Arsenal as they look to close the gap on seventh-placed Brighton and Hove Albion, who are three points behind them.

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