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Key takeaways from Arsenal’s 0-3 defeat to Brighton


Arsenal’s title hopes were all but dashed on Sunday afternoon when they were defeated 3-0 by Brighton & Hove Albion.

The Gunners knew that they had to show themselves at the Emirates in a big way, but they failed. In what can only be described as massive head loss, they were beaten and bruised by the Seagulls in a masterful road show.

Today we take a look at some of our biggest dishes from North London.

Arsenal lose their temper

At 0-0, Arsenal had some great opportunities as they looked to win to keep their season going. Unfortunately for them, Trossard, Saka and Odegaard were unable to realize their chances. From there, it really seemed that they had run out of gas – and as the game progressed, their desperation was obvious, and they simply could not recover.

Brighton’s composure

After weathering an early storm, Brighton set to work in the way only they could. De Zerby made them play incredible football right now, and in turn, his players repaid him with performance when it mattered most. This is still a club that has its eye on European football itself and while the top four are probably too far away, they will be a real problem in the next few games – and possibly years.

Reliable effort, but not good enough

Arsenal have really gone all out in the Premier League title race this season, but it’s safe to say it’s almost over. Manchester City really need another win to cross the finish line and it’s a pity that Mikel Arteta’s side fell so abruptly. However, they should have a lot of heart for what they have been able to do and hopefully they can build on that in the summer as they prepare for the return of football in the Champions League.


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