Kevin De Bruyne reveals he and his family may have had coronavirus


De Kevin De Bruyne stated his family were all sensation healthy.

Kevin De Bruyne and his family are feeling well once again after being overruled with a disease– however the Manchester City playmaker is uncertain whether it was coronavirus.

Football has actually been suspended throughout the continent as countries effort to consist of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Matches stay forever stopped in the Premier League and De Bruyne is uncertain whether his family have had the health problem.

“I am doing well, to be honest,” the 28- year-old informed Sky Sports.

” The first 2 weeks my family was ill so it was a bit like up and down, now they are all healthy.

“We don’t know if we had it (coronavirus) or not but I think we’re doing well now.”

With the family over that undefined health problem, De Bruyne is attempting to keep as fit as he can while sticking to coronavirus guidelines.

“Well, the first two weeks was a little bit weird because I don’t know what’s going on,” the City playmaker stated.


— Kevin De Bruyne (@DeBruyneKev) April 8, 2020

” Then I handled to get a treadmill. Since I’m fortunate to have a swimming pool downstairs, I was swimming a little bit.

“I was doing a couple of lengths but now mostly I’m doing a run and I would say every other day I would choose between swimming and doing some exercise, so I’m keeping fairly good for what we can on our own, I guess.”

Asked if City are sending out through details and drills, he stated: “They send us like a relatively big program.

” I think at the start of lockdown a few of the gym physios went to the club and made videos of what we can do, various kinds of workouts.

However there’s a couple of things that I like to do, undoubtedly it’s more the running and the swimming workout.

” I do a bit in-between however I’m not one for sitting like an hour or more hours in a gym.

“I get bored of doing stuff on my own anyway so I prefer to do running, where I keep busy for myself and listen to some podcasts and all that stuff.”

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