Justifying his position.. The first comment of the goalkeeper of the Egyptian Al-Ahly after the attack on him in Sudan

    Ali Lotfi, the goalkeeper of Egyptian team Al Ahli, commented on a picture in which he was attacked by a representative of the Sudanese club Al Hilal during the match that brought the two teams together last Saturday in the African Champions League competition.

    Al-Ahly lost to Al-Hilal at the Blue Pearl Stadium in the Sudanese capital Khartoum with an unanswered goal, and Lotfi appeared after the end of the match in a video clip circulating, talking to a man who was rumored to be in the administrative office of the Al- Hilal,” and the man ended up attacking the Al Ahly goalkeeper, punching him in the face and head.

    In his first comment on the incident, Lotfi wrote on his Instagram account: β€œI did not like to talk about this topic at all, but because of the state of love that I saw in respected Egyptian fans and the Al-Ahly group. especially the supporters, whom I am proud of and whose merit belongs to me and to all who belong to the club.”

    He continued, β€œI am not weak, and I can take my right away from anyone. I have been raised all my life to respect a respected person and I know how to treat a disrespectful person well and get my right by any means necessary. “

    Lotfi explained, “I didn’t represent myself in this shot, but I represented Egypt and the leader of Africa (Al-Ahli).”

    And he stressed: β€œAs I said, the atmosphere was charged, and I know that any reaction on my part would be perceived differently, especially since we were brought up that Egypt and Sudan are one people and one country, but the condition of the cargo we met there was abnormal from the moment we arrived and hostile chants throughout the match, although the Confederation of African Football announced that it was a match.” directors who know how to keep the rights of the Al-Ahly club.

    Lotfi added: “Al Ahly’s board of directors is capable of protecting all the rights of the club but any reaction on my part would be wrong and I know the board, led by legend Mahmoud Al Khatib, to come to the right of every player and person in football system.”

    And the Al Ahli goalkeeper summed up: β€œIn the end, I want to express my gratitude, appreciation and appreciation to the fans of the great Al Ahly club for the messages of support that I met, and I repeat that I can do well to get my right, but I can’t do anything that damages the reputation of the great club I play for and my country, which has always been an African leader.”

    Al-Ahly filed a formal complaint with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for what it described as “repeated violations of the Sudanese Al-Hilal” against the club in the last match between the two teams.


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