Juan Laporta hits hard on the President of the League

    Barcelona President Juan Laporta dealt a severe blow to his colleague Javier Tebas, President of the Spanish League, in a similar fashion to Tebas’ claims in the Negrera case.

    And press sources said that the Catalan club was involved in paying an amount of money estimated at $1.4 million to José María Henriquez Negrera, the former vice chairman of the refereeing committee, to provide technical reports regarding how the referees behaved in each match. . .

    Javier Tebas’ remarks on the Negrera case

    La Liga President Javier Tebas made statements in the Negrera case, known in the media as the arbitrator case, stressing that the Spanish League would assist the court in investigating the case.

    “I want the case to be fully investigated,” Tebas said. “I have already explained what La Liga will do. Among other things, we wrote a letter to the prosecutor’s office with some information that could help the investigation.”

    And when asked if Juan Laporte should have resigned, he replied: “I think he will have to do it if he does not explain the issue well or more logically.”

    And he continued: “He made some superficial statements, Barcelona indicated in their statement that all football clubs do this! It’s not three seasons, it’s many seasons.”

    Juan Laporta hits hard on the President of the League

    Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​accused Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, of being “anti-Barcelona” and of organizing a campaign against the Catalan club.

    “Tebas is trying to come back to control Barcelona from afar like he did before, but I won’t let him,” Laporta said in a public statement, referring to the Negrera affair.

    And he added from the Camp Nou: “Tebas again took off his mask and showed that he was against Barcelona. He didn’t want Messi to stay at Barcelona and made it clear that he wanted me to stop managing Barcelona. In 2005, Tebas didn’t want Messi to play at Barcelona.

    “When I was president, Tebas realized that he could not control Barcelona from a distance,” he said.

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