Jamie Carragher urges Liverpool to “invest” on new signings


Club legend Jamie Carragher states that Liverpool ought to look to finalizing shown players – instead of potential customers – during the next transfer window.

Club legend Jamie Carragher has actually declared that Liverpool need to enhance their squad during the next transfer window.

Regardless of suffering a last-16 exit in the Champions League, Liverpool sat 25 points clear at the top of the Premier League prior to football was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the global crisis will have a substantial effect on the transfer market, Carragher feels that his former club needs to make new additions to keep their existing supremacy.

Speaking on Sky Sports News, Carragher stated: “I simply feel this team has actually been together now for 3 or 4 years. The front 6 hasn’t altered for about 2 or 3 years. That does not imply it ought to alter however I simply think there must be something more definitely in reserve for the front 3.

” I think Liverpool have actually been fortunate that the very best players have actually never ever truly suffered injury-wise. When you think of the big players, the front 3, the 2 full- backs and Virgil van Dijk

” I simply think can there be more competition, definitely with [Andrew] Robertson at left-back He’s the only identified left-back at theclub I think Liverpool need more than Divock Origi to back- up among the front 3 when they’re out. Why Liverpool have actually been linked with Timo Werner I really think Liverpool do need to invest to keep them where they are.”

Liverpool have actually made simply 2 first-team signings during the last 3 transfer windows.

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