´I´ve not helped myself´ – Alexander-Arnold acknowledges defensive issues after Liverpool win

    Trent Alexander-Arnold says he has “not helped himself in certain situations” this season, but the Liverpool full-back has promised to keep working on the defensive side of his game.

    Alexander-Arnold has often come under the microscope throughout his career for both his defensive and offensive abilities.

    His mixed form amid a tough campaign for Liverpool raised questions over his inclusion in England’s World Cup squad, but the 24-year-old impressed during his side’s uneven 2-1 victory over Leicester City on Friday .

    Speaking afterwards, Alexander-Arnold said he felt his defensive abilities were overly focused.

    “Part of me thinks there was a lot of attention [my defending]”, he told Sky Sports. “I think it had to do with the approach of the World Cup.

    “People think that if I don’t play, it’s only for this reason, and then they focus on it.

    “Some of them, I didn’t help myself in certain situations. I will refrain from doing so.

    “I could be better in certain situations, but that’s part of my game that I try to work on and I focus on trying to help the team win games.

    “Sometimes you play against a world class winger and he’s going to get the better of you, but there were times when I could have played better.”

    Jurgen Klopp praised Alexander-Arnold for his efforts after a pair of own goals from Wout Faes gave Liverpool the win at Anfield, with the first ball deflected off a cross from a full-back.

    The Reds will next travel to Brentford on Monday, on a four-game winning streak to keep the top four under pressure.

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