Is Cristiano Ronaldo confused by the polygraph?

    The Binance platform, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has presented football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, with a new challenge – a lie detector test.

    And in the teaser video for the case, which Ronaldo posted on his social media accounts, he appeared at the moment when he was connected to a lie detector, and then he was asked if he would exchange his titles in the European Championship. League to win the world title with his country, but of course without revealing his answer.

    Ronaldo admits passing a polygraph test is one of the “hardest challenges he has ever faced” as the 38-year-old has nowhere to hide as he faces a series of yes or no questions aimed at something to revealing your true feelings on a number of topics.

    His post, accompanied by a 19-second teaser, garnered over 26 million views and numerous reactions from his over 109 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter.

    Ronaldo has won the biggest trophy in the world among European football clubs five times, after winning the Champions League title once with Manchester United and four times in his storied career at Real Madrid.

    Ronaldo is the historical top scorer in the European Champions League with 140 goals, as well as the historical top scorer for national teams with 123 goals after 200 international matches he played for Portugal.

    Ronaldo helped win his country the Euro 2016 title and the Nations League title in 2019, but he never won the World Cup, unlike his historic rival Lionel Messi, who won that honor at the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

    The polygraph measures and records many physiological responses, such as blood pressure and pulse, while the person is asked and answered a series of questions.

    The idea is that false responses will elicit physiological responses that can be distinguished from responses associated with true responses. However, it should be noted that lie detectors are not universally recognized reliable tools for finding the truth, and their results are not accepted in all countries. Court proceedings.

    Source: RT+ media

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