Investigation into theft of Mohamed Salah’s villa leads to 15-day extension of detentions for accused individuals in Egypt.

    Investigators in New Cairo have ordered the reopening of the detention of those accused of stealing the villa of Egyptian player, Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, for 15 days pending the conclusion of the investigation.

    This comes as part of a case that accused them of stealing the residence of Egypt national football team player Mohamed Salah.

    On March 12, the prosecutor’s office received a report from the commercial director of the player that he discovered the theft of movable property from his home, so the prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation, as the whistleblower stated that it was found that the contents of the house were scattered, traces of entry from the window, theft of cash sums, silver medal of the African Championship of Nations 2008. 2017, trophies, sportswear and own electronic devices.

    As part of the investigative actions, the prosecutor’s office turned to cellular companies to establish data on the number of people present at the scene of the incident, together with the time of its commission, which is attributed to them, they confessed to the crime. crime, and one of them had previously worked hard at the scene a year and a half ago, indicating that he had committed the incident due to having experienced financial difficulties and knowing that no one was in the house, and having agreed with one of the accused to commit it, they approached the house and were able to open one of its windows and doors. Some of his personal property was stolen and they fled, leaving some of the loot with the third defendant to hide them.

    Source: Cairo 24

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