Insights into a successful astronomical bid for Busquets’ signature in football.

    Find out the details of the astronomical offer from Saudi club Al-Nasr to sign Sergio Busquets, the captain of Spain’s Barcelona team.

    A lot of news has circulated lately that the Saudi team wants to include Busquets from Barcelona in their ranks, playing Saudi League Roshan for professionals.

    It is worth noting that the Spanish star’s contract with the Catalan club expires at the end of the current sports season, i.e. June 30, 2023, and there is nothing new about whether he will continue with his team or leave.

    Details of an astronomical win bid to sign Busquets

    Saudi Global
    Saudi Global

    Al-Nasr has made an official offer to include the Barcelona captain in the ranks of the team during the upcoming summer Mercato as his contract with the Spanish giant was nearing its end.

    Sports journalist Fernando Polo revealed that Busquets has received three official offers, and they are in order: Barcelona, ​​Al Nasr and Inter Miami.

    Came the offer of Barcelona to extend for one sports season; For 7 million euros, which is equivalent to “28 million Saudi riyals.”

    As for the offer of the American Inter Miami, he signs a contract for two seasons; For 20 million euros, which is equivalent to “80 million Saudi Riyals”.

    As for the Saudi World Show, it lasted two football seasons. For 36 million euros, which is equivalent to “144 million Saudi riyals.”

    Polo indicated that the Spanish player is currently on a €22m salary at Barcelona plus taxes, in addition to the fact that the Catalan renewal offer is far short of his expectations, despite being aware of the club’s financial crisis.

    Astronomical Victory Details Offer Busquets Contract In A Day

    Sergio Busquets
    Sergio Busquets

    • Duration of the contract: two seasons.

    • Total salary: 144 million riyals.

    • Salary per year: 72 million rials.

    • Salary per month: 6 million rials.

    • Salary per week: 1.5 million rials.

    • Salary per day: 214 thousand rials.

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