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How Ronaldo Reacted When I Confessed My Hatred to Him – Paulo Dybala


Argentinean Paulo Dybala, a striker for the Italian football club Roma, admitted that he once told the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, a striker for the Saudi club Al-Nasr, that he hated him when he was a child.

Dybala played alongside Ronaldo for 3 years at Juventus and together they helped win the Scudetto title twice before Madeira Rocket left for Manchester United in 2021 and the Argentine left for Rome in 2021. summer 2022.

In a statement to the Italian network Dazn, Dybala said: “I spent 3 wonderful years with Cristiano, the team was very strong and he added a lot.”

He added: “There is a lot of competition between Messi and Ronaldo in Argentina and as a kid I was always after Messi and one day we were on a plane and I was sitting in front of him and he came over to talk. about football and life in general for a while, and I told him: I used to hate you in general. When I was a child, I met it with a lot of laughter.”

On the difference between Juventus and Roma, Dybala commented: “People here are very excited. It’s amazing to hear them sing the anthem before the match starts. It’s like looking at a work of art.”

Regarding working with José Mourinho, the Roma manager, he said: “He has an important image and strength in everything he represents. He is very good when he talks and when he wants to enter someone.”

And the Argentine star continued: “I felt something special. It’s hard to find a person who tells the truth and almost everything he says happens on the field. He won with almost every team he coached.”

He said: “We only fought once, when I played for Juventus against Manchester United in the Champions League.”

Regarding not wearing the number 10 in Rome, Paulo Dybala said: “The number 10 in Rome forever belongs to Francesco Totti … Wearing it will be a unique responsibility.”

He mentions Paulo Dybala (29), who joined Roma on a free transfer after the end of his contract with Juventus and managed to score 16 goals and score 8 more in 34 matches he played at Juventus. T-shirt of the capital’s team “Wolves” in all tournaments of this season.

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