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How Much Does the Stade de France Cost and What Is the Reason for Buying It?


According to media reports, FIFA, led by Gianni Infantino, has entered into serious negotiations with the French government to buy the Stade de France stadium.

And French newspaper L’Equipe reported that FIFA is looking to buy the Princes Park stadium for multiple uses if it acquires ownership, in emergencies such as the Ukraine case, or when neutral ground is needed.

And hold the Club World Cup there in a new guise, with an increase in the number of teams, starting from the 2025 edition.

In addition, sporting events, such as matches or tournaments, can be held in this stadium, which will generate revenue for FIFA.

And L’Equipe revealed that Emmanuel Macron, the country’s president, wants to sell the Des Princes stadium, as he discussed with the Swiss Gianni Infantino, president of the International Federation of Football Associations, the possibility of buying FIFA for the stadium.

Former French Football Federation president Noel Le Grae, who is director of FIFA’s Paris office, pitched the idea to Infantino last February.

A well-known French newspaper stated that the process of selling the Paris Saint-Germain stadium would take a long time, but from a financial point of view, its current value is estimated at about 600 million euros, in addition to maintenance work, which itself can reach 300 or 300 million euros. 400 million euros.

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