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Havertz from Chelsea acknowledges that poor form affected his family life.


Chelsea striker Kai Havertz is back in strong form, but he has revealed the mental toll he has caused to himself and those around him this season.

The German international has made 22 starts in 26 Premier League appearances for Chelsea this season, scoring just 27 goals for the team.

This has led to a busy season as boss Graham Potter struggles to get his job done, and while Havertz’s own production hasn’t been hit hard, the weight of a disappointing season has taken its toll.

After eight goals and four assists in 29 games last season, Havertz has six goals and one assist this time around, but has only scored once in the last 10 before ending up in goal against Leicester City in a 3 win on Saturday: 1. win.

“Football is our life,” Havertz told reporters. “If you lose the game, of course you have a hard life too.

“I think everyone at home, especially my girlfriend, has also had difficult weeks in recent weeks and months. I think she is happy again and so am I.

“It’s the same for you (journalists) – if you have a bad day at work… you… I won’t tell you now, but you don’t feel well. Football is a game that puts a lot of pressure on our shoulders.

“We want to make the fans happy, and if you don’t make them happy, you’ll have a bad time.”

But the tide has begun to turn in the opposite direction, with Havertz scoring in consecutive games when he scored one against Borussia Dortmund to help Chelsea advance in the Champions League, ahead of another strong performance against Leiseister.

“Winning is always the best, we won again so we can enjoy a few days,” he said. “We knew it would take some time to adapt for everyone. So maybe you could see that we are not finished yet.

“Development always takes time. We can develop a lot, but we showed another good game (at Leicester) and we can be happy.

“Of course, it is important for us to win three matches in a row, because before that we had a hard time. We knew we would recover.

“We have yet to play (at home to Everton) before the (international break). We have to stay focused and win in the next game.”


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