Hakimi’s Initial Response to Losing Out on Half of Her Ex-Husband’s Wealth

    The aftermath of Ashraf Hakimi and Heba Abouk’s divorce is still haunting the international press, especially after talk of the latter’s inability to receive half of her ex-husband’s fortune after it was revealed that he registered all his property in his mother’s name.

    The Tunisian-born Spanish actress recently initiated divorce proceedings with a Moroccan professional footballer at Paris Saint-Germain after the girl went to the police station last February to accuse the footballer of sexually abusing her at his home.

    Heba Abuk, 36, reportedly demanded half of Hakimi’s estate, 23, but was shocked to find that everything he owned was in his mother’s name.

    Ex-wife Hakimi's first reaction to the news that she did not get half of the Moroccan star's fortune

    And the Spanish-Tunisian actress has posted in recent hours via the Story feature on her Instagram account in what could be considered a response to rumors that she did not receive half of her ex-husband’s fortune, as she wrote. : “Remember, you can’t control everything in life. You can control how you react to it. Let go of the need for perfection, embrace the beauty of the present moment, and make sure the Universe has your back.”

    And the Spanish newspaper Marca said that despite the fact that Hakimi is one of the highest paid football players in the French league, where he receives one million euros a month, all his wealth and possessions belong to his mother. a decision he made many years ago.

    Source: “Mark”

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