Hakim Ziyech Opens Up About His Mother’s Absence from the World Cup and Their Relationship

    Moroccan footballer Hakim Ziyech, the English Chelsea star, has revealed some of his family secrets, especially about his relationship with his mother.

    Ziyas, 30, was interviewed by Dutch Vogue magazine about his participation in the Moroccan national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as well as his way of dealing with light and glory.

    Regarding his relationship with his mother, Ziyash said: “My mother is fine, thank God, but she was not with me in Qatar. She is old and sick. I would like her to stay with me as long as possible.”

    He added, “But my mother has the qualities of humility and is very attached to her home. She lived in it for 40 years, gave birth to us in it, and her husband died there.”

    Asked if she was proud of him, Ziyech said, “I think so, although she doesn’t always show it and I don’t see her often either. When I was at Ajax, I visited her two or three times a week. “

    And he added: “But I call her every day and talk to her about different things, about football and about special things between mother and son.”

    Hakim Ziyech talks about his relationship with his mother and the reason for her absence from the World Cup

    Ziyash confirmed that his mother always asked him about getting married and said, “I often get this question from her, as Moroccan mothers do.”

    Ziyasha’s mother was not among the mothers of the Moroccan national team who caught the eye of their children during the World Cup in Qatar.

    Many Atlas Lions players were eager to celebrate with their mothers every World Cup win they had, especially over Spain and Portugal, in the eighth and quarter-finals of the World Cup.

    And on this occasion, Ziyash said: “We miraculously showed how to treat our mothers. I think it had a great impact on people. There was a photo in which one of my colleagues kisses the mother’s head. It was one of the most beautiful pictures in throughout the World Cup.

    Ziyas was a member of the Moroccan team that reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, an unprecedented Arab and African achievement in World Cup history.

    Ziyash commented on this participation: “What happened was a big milestone. We have advanced to the top four. We were close to the final match.”

    And he added: “I will not say that we were sad, but the disappointment was great. When we are on the field, everything is focused on one thing – winning.

    And the Moroccan international concluded: “I don’t really like the world. I prefer to spend my time on other things. Now I only focus on football. I love privacy, but this does not exist, because every step I take is monitored, but when I am alone I live my life.”

    The Dutch magazine will publish all the details of the interview on Thursday.

    Source: Arabic Post

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