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Guardiola shares reason for his intense reaction towards Haaland in Leeds encounter


Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola revealed the reason for his anger at his Norwegian international striker Erling Haaland during yesterday’s match against Leeds United in the English Premier League.

And after German midfielder Elkay Gündogan scored two goals in the first half to put Manchester City 2-0 away to Leeds United, City got a penalty so Guardiola showed up at the bench and asked Haaland to pay the penalty, which they received in the last minutes..

But 22-year-old Haaland looked at Guardiola before passing the ball to Gundogan so that the German could score a hat-trick, but the latter missed the shot, and then Leeds cut the difference 1-2.

And then the cameras caught Guardiola’s reaction to Haaland, as it seemed obvious to him that he was speaking to him in English, saying “You have to take this” (you had to pay).

Guardiola said in statements after the match, commenting on what happened: “I realized that Haaland refused a penalty to his colleague who wants to complete a hat-trick. I know Gundogan is a really good penalty taker, but I always have a bad feeling when the score is 1: 0. Or 2:0 and not convert a penalty.

And he added: “What happened shows how good Haaland is, but do it if the score is 4-0 and there are 10 minutes left, and when the score is 2-0, the designated player (to take the penalty) had to pay.” is the best penalty taker we have at the moment, so he had to take the shot.”

The match ended in victory for Manchester City with a score of two goals: one.

With this result, Manchester City solidified their position at the top of the league as they increased their tally to 82 points, four points more than their closest rivals Arsenal, while Leeds’ balance sheet remained in 17th place. with 30 points.

Source: espn.com


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