Guardiola Faces Consequences for Skipping Training at Real Madrid!

    Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola spoke about the Champions League ahead of the match with Leipzig in the second leg of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

    The match between Manchester City and Leipzig is to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, as part of the second leg of the sixteenth round of the European Champions League, at exactly ten o’clock in the evening Egyptian time.

    Guardiola is in trouble for not training at Real Madrid!


    The City manager confirmed during a Champions League conversation that his absence from Real Madrid prevented him from winning the title due to meringue dominance in the league.

    Pep said: “In my first press conference with Manchester City, I was asked, ‘Are you here to win the Champions League?’ Then I said what? Only if I were the coach of Real Madrid, I would accept such a question. It will not happen.

    He continued: “I don’t think about the pressure of the UK defense in the Champions League. Every time in the last two, three, four teams in the quarter-finals from the same country, everyone says that this is the best league. This league is as good as Spain, Germany and Italy.”

    Guardiola is in trouble for not training at Real Madrid!

    He added: “Leipzig, after the draw, even before leaving, they are a really good team. Any team in England, Napoli, Milan, Madrid, they are too. So many qualities, so many strengths. We have to impose our style, we have to win the match.”

    And he continued to fight for 3 titles: “Very important. Not just for a better break on the international stage, to get through the last two months, to continue playing in Europe and England and to be closer to Arsenal – all of that is good.”

    He added: “This is the reason why we are here to win titles. I didn’t know any team or coach that didn’t try to win the competition. Everyone wants to win it. There are no exceptions here.”

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