Guardiola discusses the global competitiveness of the Saudi League

    Spanish manager Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, spoke about the ability of the Saudi league to challenge for international championships.

    Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola
    Manchester City coach

    The Spanish coach praised the development of football in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its ambitious goals, stressing that he has great potential and is on the right track.

    Guardiola sings the Saudi League

    Pep Guardiola
    Pep Guardiola sings the Saudi League

    According to media reports, the Spaniard Pep said: “Saudi Arabia has a clear goal that they are working towards. They have reached the top in a short time and the Saudis want to stay there and I feel they will stay for a long time.”

    And the Manchester City manager continued his speech: “Saudi Arabia invests a lot in football and they have a large fan base, and this helps them achieve their goals.”

    Saudi League Roshan
    Saudi League Roshan

    The Spanish coach confirmed that the kingdom has great potential to achieve new successes in football, especially given the observed polarization. Saudi League Roshan From international stars, in addition to his ability to compete with the strongest leagues in the world.

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