Girona stuns Real Madrid and shakes up La Liga rankings

    Check out the La Liga 2022/2023 standings after Real Madrid lost to Girona in the 31st round match.

    Real Madrid suffered a heavy defeat by Girona four goals to two at the Montelivi Stadium.

    Beze is experiencing a fluctuating level in the current period, especially in the La Liga championship, and has strayed far from title competition, especially after the glow of Barcelona under Javi Hernandez.

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    Thus, Real Madrid’s balance sheet froze in second place in the La Liga table at 65 points, while Girona’s balance rose to 41 points in ninth place.

    La Liga standings after Real Madrid lose to Girona

    La Liga standings
    La Liga standings

    1- Barcelona with 76 points.

    2- Real Madrid, with 65 points.

    3- Atletico Madrid with 60 points.

    4- Real Sociedad, 54 points.

    5- Real Betis, with 48 points.

    6- Villarreal with 47 points.

    7- Athletic Bilbao, with 46 points.

    8- Osasuna, 44 points.

    9- Girona, 41 points.

    10- Rayo Vallecano, 40 points.

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