Georgina unveils heartbreaking reality of her time with Ronaldo

    Argentinean Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, striker of the Saudi Al-Nasr, revealed a new secret and a bitter experience that she experienced in her personal life.

    29-year-old Georgina gave birth to Ronaldo, five times the best player in the world, two daughters: Alana Martin in 2017 and Bella Esmeralda in 2022.

    Bella was one of the twins conceived by Georgina, but the other, named “Angel” according to the sports bible, died shortly after birth.

    And the same website confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo still keeps the ashes of his deceased child’s body in a small church in one of his houses.

    Georgina recalled this “painful” memory and admitted that she had already had a miscarriage three times, during the second season of the documentary series “I am Georgina 2”, which is currently filmed by the global Netflix platform.

    Georgina said: “Every time I went to the gynecologists at night, I had nightmares because I was worried about what position the fetus would be in.”

    She added: “Every time I wonder how the birth will go if it was a caesarean section.”

    Georgina explained: “I was always scared at every ultrasound, I was a victim of a lot of stress because I had three previous miscarriages and I came home broken and in a bad mental state.”

    And the Daily Mail has confirmed that the second season of I Am Georgina docu-series is coming to Netflix next Friday.

    During the series, Georgina revealed scenes from that “harsh” moment when she learned of the death of one of the twins.

    She said, “The moment you’ve been waiting for nine months is coming and you feel your heart skip a beat, Bella was born strong and healthy.”

    “But at the same time, I lost a part of my heart, I was so sad and I wondered how I could move on,” she added.

    And the Argentinean added: “In fact, I was not ready to accept the new reality and did not know how to tell my children about what happened.”

    And she concluded by saying: “I told them that the second child is still in my womb and needs some time to be born before Cristiano intervenes and tells them that the “angel” (the second child) has become in heaven. That was what actually happened.”

    Cristiano transfers about 100,000 euros a month to Georgina’s bank account, since she is the one who takes care of his children during his absence and is busy with matches and her business, according to the Spanish program “Viva La Vida”.

    Cristiano has five children, the eldest of which is Cristiano Jr., born so far from an unknown mother, and two other twins, Eva and Mateo, also from an unknown mother, in addition to two daughters, Martina and Bella, whom he fathered from Georgina.

    Source: Arabic Post

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