French Sports Minister Advocates for Sanctions Against African Players Who Decline Participation in LGBTQ+ Event

    French Sports Minister Amélie Odia-Castierra has called for two players to be punished for refusing to participate in a pro-gay event, and the nature of the possible punishment against them is not yet known.

    This came amid many Toulouse players and others refusing to participate in a pro-gay event and refusing to wear rainbow shirts.

    And the French media reported that five players are from African countries.

    Le Parisien quoted the sports minister as saying: “I am very sorry about what happened… We live in a country that has always encouraged respect for human rights.”

    “In my opinion, clubs should have a dialogue with their players… They should take action against these players,” the minister added.

    According to media reports, among the players there is a Moroccan national team player Zakaria Abu Khalil, who plays for the Toulouse club.

    It should be noted that the coach of the Rennes club Bruno Genesio refused to hold a day of solidarity with homosexuals.

    “I am personally against all forms of discrimination,” said Geneso. “There is no place for discrimination in football, as there is in life. But I also believe that we are here to play football, and this is the most important thing.”

    Source: agencies

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