French Football Federation Denies Request to Halt Games During Muslim Players’ fasting hours

    The French Football Federation has refused to stop matches to allow Muslim players to break their fast during matches during the holy month of Ramadan.

    The English Premier League and junior classes in England have previously announced that referees will be allowed to stop matches to allow players to eat breakfast during matches.

    And the Federal Referee Committee of the French Football Federation sent a letter to the referees, in which it confirmed that matches cannot be stopped so that Muslim players can break their fast.

    And a letter from the refereeing committee of the French Federation said, according to the French network Radio Monte Carlo: “The idea of ​​stopping matches after breaking the fast in Ramadan has been brought to the attention of the French Federation. , A public service authorized by the State, it protects the fundamental values ​​of the French Republic and must apply means to prevent any discrimination or infringement on the dignity of any person on account of his political and religious opinions.

    He added: “Anyone who violates these provisions will be subject to disciplinary or criminal action, since any speech or presentation of a political, ideological, religious or trade union nature is prohibited during the French Federation competitions.”

    Source: “Wakalat”

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