French Federation Suspends Matches for Ramadan Fast Violations

    According to press reports, the French Football Federation sent an email to all referees of the local league, reminding them to follow its rules and not stop matches due to breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan.

    And the French radio station RMC published a photo of the official e-mail sent by the French Football Federation to the referees of their competitions.

    The French Federation has issued a statement halting matches due to breaking the fast during Ramadan.

    And the federation banned the referees of the French league and lower divisions from stopping matches in which there are Muslim players.

    In its statement to the rulers, the federation emphasized the need to uphold its rules, stating: “We are defending the fundamental values ​​of the French Republic and means must be implemented to prevent any discrimination or infringement on the dignity of any person and his political and religious beliefs.”

    The statement also said that “it is forbidden to stop matches so that players can break their fast in the month of Ramadan.”

    The French Federation threatened its rulers with severe punishments for failing to follow its instructions, stating: “Anyone who violates these provisions will be subject to disciplinary measures.”

    The federation also warned against the use of any speech for political, ideological or religious purposes during its competitions and concluded that the laws of the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” provide that “the football field is not a place for political or religious expression, but rather it is neutral places and sports have priority in them.”

    This contrasts with the Premier League allowing matches to be stopped to allow players to break their fast during the month of Ramadan.

    Source: media

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