Four players to depart Al Hilal Saudi Arabia this summer

    Saudi club Al-Hilal have decided to leave 4 players from their ranks as part of the upcoming summer transfers.

    It is worth noting that Al-Hilal was able to achieve a precious victory over Damak with a goal without a return blow from Musa Maria after a pass by Muhammad Al-Burayk, in the meeting that ended recently in the twenty-sixth round. from Saudi League Roshan.


    Thus, the leader’s balance rose to 53 points, placing fourth in the Saudi League Roshen ranking table, while Dhamak’s balance froze at eleventh place with 32 points.

    Date of Al-Hilal’s next match after defeating Damak in the Saudi Roshan League.

    Al-Zaim is preparing to face trial next Tuesday, corresponding to May 23, 2023, in the twenty-eighth round of the Saudi League Championship.

    The meeting will take place live at exactly 7 pm Egyptian and Saudi Arabian time.

    Al Hilal Saudi Arabia agrees to four players leaving this summer

    Al Hilal Saudi Arabia agrees to four players leaving this summer

    The sports critic for Abu Latif confirmed that the quartet of Musa Maregi, Pereira, Ighalo and Vito will “leave the ranks of the Saudi club next summer.

    In the last 10 matches with the leader, Ighalo managed to score only two goals from the penalty spot, while he did not score a single goal.

    The Saudi club hopes to strengthen its ranks strongly next summer.

    Several reports have indicated that the Saudi club are interested in Judry Alba, Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi.

    Saudi League Roshan Ranking

    Al Hilal Saudi Arabia agrees to four players leaving this summer

    1- Al-Ittihad, 63 points

    2- Win 60 points

    3- Al-Shabab, 53 points

    4- Al-Hilal, 53 points

    5- Collaboration, 46 points

    6- Al-Fateh, 39 points

    7- Al Tayeh, 34 points

    8- Consent 33 points

    9- Abha, 33 points

    10- Al Raed, 32 points

    11- Damak 32 points

    12- Al-Faihaa, 29 points

    13- Unity 29 points

    14- Gulf, 24 points

    15- Justice, 24 points

    16- Al-Batin, 19 points.

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