Former referee responds to Valverde’s criticism of Barcelona

    Valverde, coach of Athletic Bilbao, commented on his team’s canceled goal against Barcelona in a match that took place at the San Mames stadium just recently.

    The Catalan club managed to defeat Athletic Bilbao with an unanswered goal, through Rafinha, which Busquets did.


    At the same time, the Catalan club raised their score to 65 points at the top of the La Liga standings, while Athletic Bilbao’s balance sheet froze at 33 points in ninth place.

    Valverde opens fire on Barcelona, ​​and the former referee answers!

    Valverde opens fire on Barcelona, ​​and the former referee answers!

    In a statement after the meeting, Valverde said: “The mouse is designed to correct obvious mistakes if the ball is in or out. Or a penalty, of course, but call the referee because the player touched the ball with his hand! It’s funny that no one on the field sees this, and someone with a spyglass calls to look at the shot.

    It is worth noting that the referee canceled Bilbao’s equalizing goal in the last minutes due to the fact that his player touched the ball.

    He continued: It’s not about whether the ball touched his shoulder or not, it’s about what football is. It’s a little ridiculous that no one in the stadium can see the game and that someone has a telescope that captures what is happening.

    “The decision to cancel the goal is the right one,” said Iturralde Gonzalez, the former referee.

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