Former Al-Nasr Striker Confesses to Scoring a Penalty with Tricky Tactics!

    The first team striker for former Saudi club Al-Nasr has made controversial claims of receiving penalties while playing for many clubs during his football career.

    It is noteworthy that the former Saudi striker played for a number of Saudi clubs, during his career until his retirement he headed Al-Alam, in addition to Al-Ahli and Al-Shabab.

    Former Al-Nasr striker admits he scored a penalty with a game!

    Former Al-Nasr striker admits he scored a penalty with a game!

    During the reception of Hassan Al-Raheb, a former Al-Alama striker, as a guest on Saudi Arabia’s SSC’s With Aziz, he made statements in which he admitted that he had won a number of penalties. playing.

    Al-Raheb said: “In my football career I have scored 15-16 penalties and not a single penalty has determined the outcome of the tournament.”

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    He continued: “But there are kicks that decided the match and brought 3 points, which certainly contributed to winning the championship.” As the monk explained, despite this, he was denied many valid and well-deserved penalties that would have been assigned to him if video technology had existed at that time.

    Regarding the famous goal that the monk scored with his hand during Asfar Al Riyadh’s match against his colleague Al Taawon in the Saudi Arabian League, he said: “My hand is of course more famous than Dalhum’s hand.”

    The Saudi striker also compared his famous shot of the referee not awarding a penalty to Al-Oruba with Al-Nasr defender Algerian Murad Delhum, despite the fact that he cleared the ball from the penalty area with his hand.

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    It is worth noting that the monk wore the Al-Alam T-shirt for 5 seasons, with which he achieved two seasons in the Saudi Arabia League (2013-2014 and 2014-2015), while the Saudi striker retired in October 2020.

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