Fofana: Ronaldo’s Performance Falls Short in Match against Al-Taei

    Sekou Fofana, a player of the first football team of the Al-Nasr club, commented on the performance of his team in today’s match of the eighth round of the Roshen Saudi Professional League.

    The match ended with Al-Alami winning over Al-Thai with a score of two: 1. Al-Nasr’s goals were scored by Anderson Talisca, the second goal was scored from a penalty by Cristiano Ronaldo, and Al-Thai’s only goal was scored by Virgil Messadan.

    Fofana: Cristiano Ronaldo was unlucky in the match with Al-Tai

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Sekou Fofana, a player from Al Nasr Club’s first football team, said the team’s players were well aware that the match would not be easy for the team.

    He added: “Al Tai were able to get back into the game as a result of using their part during the match, which allowed them to score the equalizing goal before we could come back again.

    He continued: “Our team is a collective team and we were able to turn the result around. We worked together until we were able to score a goal from the penalty spot, which gave us the win and three points from the match.

    He continued: “We missed a lot of opportunities in the first half of the match, which is why they were able to equalise, and every match consists of 90 individual minutes.

    He concluded: Cristiano Ronaldo did not succeed today because he was unlucky with more than one goal, otherwise we would have won with a big score, but in the end we were able to win and get three points in the match.

    Cristiano Ronaldo – Al Nasr

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