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"Finally, President Al-Ahli imprisoned President Zamalek.".. Mortada Mansour publishes an influential post after being sentenced to prison


The president of Egyptian football club Zamalek, adviser Mortada Mansour, on Saturday commented on the decision to jail him for a month after he was found guilty of insulting and slandering Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Al-Ahly’s president.

Immediately after the decision to imprison him was taken this morning, the security services transferred Mortada Mansour to prison for execution.

Mortada Mansour wrote an influential tweet via his official Facebook account following his sentencing, stating: “Finally, Al Ahly club president jails Zamalek club president for the first time in the history of the sport.”

He added, “The appeal was denied, but we are waiting for the decision of the Heavenly Judge, Almighty God, don’t worry about me. Lions fear neither death nor imprisonment.”

And he added: “The plan was to overthrow me in the elections by fraud, before that I was fired from the post of president of the club for 4 years, after which the board of directors was dissolved, and the fourth step was my imprisonment .. This step was somewhat delayed , praise be to God.”

And he continued, addressing the fans of Zamalek: “You knew and believed, O people of Egypt, and O fans of Zamalek, I had to completely disappear from the political, sports and media scene at any cost .. Nevertheless, Egypt is my homeland with her love and behind your back.. O fans of Zamalek, who agree with me or disagree.. Stand up for your team. Support him, and, God willing, he will win.”

Mortada Mansour continued by saying: “You knew that I had to disappear from the scene, and dear members of the General Assembly, you will miss me, especially the children, my loved ones … I thank everyone and thank God for this misfortune. “.

Source: RT


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