FIFA VP: Coronavirus may put international soccer matches on hold until 2021

    A FIFA official informed the Associated Press international soccer competition may not resume until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Harold Cunningham/Getty Images).

    Many international soccer may not be played until 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic travel constraints and the need to offer club competitions the possibility to resume, a FIFA vice president stated Monday.

    Victor Montagliani, a Canadian who is president of the governing body for North and Central America and the Caribbean, has actually been heading a FIFA working group developing strategies to handle the ramifications of the world’s most significant sport being mainly closed down because last month.

    FIFA currently has actually aborted matches in between countries that was because of be played in March and June. Montagliani, Concacaf’s president, thinks the September, October and November windows for national team matches might be ditched.

    “I personally think that might be a bit of a challenge, not so much because of just the health issues around the world and the various degrees of preparedness, but also committing to international travel as soon as we come back,” Montagliani stated in an interview with The Associated Press. “I think that domestic football is a priority. September is still in the books, but I would garner to say that I’m not sure it’s there on solid ground the way things are trending right now.”

    The return of fans into jam-packed arenas might be reliant on a vaccine for the COVID-19 illness being all set– which may not be until 2021.

    “If we get the green light to play a football match. I highly doubt that first football match will be with fans. I just can’t see that. I think that would be taken a massive risk,” he stated in a video interview from Vancouver, British Columbia“I’m pretty sure it’ll be a phased in approach, just like the rest of society is going to be is then in terms of us trying to get back to normal here.”

    A full resumption of soccer in 2020 may not be possible in parts of the world hardest struck by the pandemic, consisting of Europe and The United States and Canada.

    “If you take that across international boundaries, that’s a significant issue,” Montagliani stated. “And so, yes absolutely, there’s always that possibility.”

    Concacaf’s hexagonal that identifies the region’s 3 direct qualifiers is to start in the fall with each country playing 2 games each in September, October and November. The United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras and either El Salvador or Canada will contend.

    Scheduling will be talked about even more by a working group including the 6 confederations.

    “I’m fairly confident the March window in 2021 will be fine,” Montagliani stated. “The priority is to help our national leagues.”

    The certifying format for the World Cup in Qatar may need to be cut with the time frame tightening up to play matches to reach the competition that begins in November 2022.

    “We’re likely going to be having to seriously look at reformatting some of our events,” Montagliani stated. “We’re devoted to our final 4 (in the Nations League). We have other occasions that we have to most likely look at reformatting, whether it’s some of our youth competitions, even our World Cup certifying, where we’re going to have to, in the balance of likelihoods, look at how that would work in a situation where the calendar there is now less than what we anticipated it to be.”

    Montagliani preserves that Concacaf remains in an excellent financial situation to handle the interruption to the match calendar.

    “A lot of the things we can recoup over time. We don’t have fixtures every weekend like a league does,” he stated. “But I think where the financial impact is going to happen in Concacaf is within the stakeholders, within the leagues and the clubs. That’s where I think the biggest financial impact is going to be.”



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