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Fans Shocked as Messi Returns to Barcelona for this Specific Purpose!


Find out why Messi is in Barcelona, ​​where rumors have circulated about the future of Argentine star Lionel, a Paris Saint-Germain player, regarding the renewal of his contracts at Princes Park or leaving the French team.

The tango star’s contract with the Parisian club expires at the end of the current season on June 30, as the player’s decision on his next destination is unclear.

And the Argentinean Leo has received several offers to get his services during the upcoming summer transfer period, which were presented by Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia, Inter Miami and Barça, the former player’s team.

Yesterday, Sunday, the presence of the Argentine legend was seen in the city of Barcelona with all his family and the player had 15 bags and entered through a different door to the airport so that he would not attract everyone’s attention.

And according to what the famous Spanish journalist Gerard Romero said through his official Twitter microblog account, Lionel came to settle the issues of his transfer to Barça.

Gerrard said: “There are a lot of accounts on Twitter every day claiming to have information about the club and they say I’m a liar and then post what I said after a while.”

Romero added: “Messi accompanied his entire family to Barcelona, ​​in addition to Pepe Costa and his assistants.”

He added: “This is not an ordinary Messi visit to Barcelona because Pepe Costa was carrying 15 suitcases. In view of previous visits, Messi left this time through a different airport door so that no one in Barcelona could see him.

And he concluded: “Messi is closer than ever to returning to his former team, Barcelona.

Messi returned to Barcelona for this very reason… a shock to the fans!

But according to what was confirmed by the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, the player went to Barcelona to rest after Christopher Galtier gave the Paris Saint-Germain players a 3-day holiday.

As the newspaper reported, Leo’s presence at Barcelona had nothing to do with his return to the Blue Garnet squad, especially since Barcelona had not made a decision on the Argentine pending La Liga’s decision on the player’s salary plan.


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