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Expulsion of Real Madrid Fans Threatened at Barcelona’s Camp Nou Over Affair


Club Released Barcelona An official statement in which he stated that Real Madrid fans were banned from entering the Camp Nou stadium wearing a Royal Club shirt.

The Camp Nou stadium will host the second round match of the B tournament.Barcelona vs Real Madrid.It is part of the Spanish league this season.

and publish Catalan club An official statement on his website in which he made it clear that Real Madrid fans wearing a meringue shirt would not be allowed to enter.

Barcelona have issued a warning to Real Madrid fans.

The Catalan club have confirmed that the Real Madrid jersey will not be allowed to play on March 19 at the Camp Nou.

Real Madrid fans

The statement came as follows: “The club has taken certain decisions in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 19/2007 on the fight against violence, racism, hatred and intolerance in sport, as well as the internal rules of Barça.

He continued: “The sole purpose of the following decisions is to ensure the effective separation of fans and ensure safety during the match.”

And he added: “Fans will be denied entry to areas designated for fans of the” blue garnet “, if they wear clothes or badges of an athlete.”

And concluded: “If you enter the stadium in the clothes or insignia of an athlete, you may be expelled, and in no case will the amount of the ticket purchase be refunded.”

The club announced that tickets for the second round match between Camp Nou and Real Madrid were sold out, hours after they were handed out to fans.

El Clasico

Barcelona are top of the La Liga table with 62 points and Real Madrid are second with 53 points.


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