Everton fans react to latest rumours about Bernard

    Everton fans have actually taken to social networking website Twitter to reveal their response after reports broke out the other day that the club are preparing to offload Bernard in the summer transfer window.

    According to reports from LaRoma24, Everton are taking a look at clubs who might take Bernard off their hands. And Serie A giants Roma have actually been provided the opportunity to sign the 27- year-old winger. v= gxI-8tQ7kjg

    Bernard joined Everton on a complimentary transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2018 and is an extremely popular figure amongst thefans The small winger has actually scored 3 goals and supplied 2 assists in the Premier League in 19 appearances this season, and has actually made high appreciation from Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti.

    Numerous Everton fans feel that Bernard is going no place which it might a representative talk to produce attention. There are some fans who feel that the Brazilian is irregular and that the club must think about an offer if the money is.

    Here are a few of the picked tweets from the Everton fans:

    Most likely Representative talk or Italian sources simply making a story

    — The Toffee Blues (@EvertonNewsFeed) April 3, 2020

    He’s going no place. He’s my preferred present player

    — Dennis W (@BluDen1) April 3, 2020

    Noway He is world class.

    — USM (@stevie89940908) April 3, 2020

    If a good cost was provided,

    I concur I can see him being moved on. Him, iwobi and Walcott didn’t score enoughgoals And we need more goals from the wings.

    — SL-EFC (@EfcSl) April 3, 2020

    Irregular and does not develop or score almost enough goals

    — LX (@lxreilly1) April 3, 2020

    Hes a lucrative chance, I like him however he does not over thrill me … I would not be too troubled if he left. If he remains I wud like him to enhance on what we have actually seen.

    — Mark (@19 beno83) April 3, 2020

    Possibly not a popular viewpoint however I ‘d sell him unless Carlo is going to offer him a run in theside I think players like him need momentum otherwise they’ll constantly be tagged irregular …

    — Richard Clein (@richardclein) April 3, 2020

    If the money is right, perhaps????

    — Philip Fleetwood (@fleetwood47) April 3, 2020

    While Carlo Ancelotti will be looking to keep his best players at the club, the Italian boss might make the cull if he handles to land players of calibre like Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez.

    Everton strive to be amongst the Premier League elites under Ancelotti, and the club needs to show their aspiration by generating world-class players at the club who would make a huge distinction to the side.

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