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European newspapers ridicule Liverpool after Real Madrid’s crushing victory!


Last night, a top-level European match took place, in which the Spanish “Real Madrid” will play with the English “Liverpool” in the first legs of the 1/8 finals of the European Champions League 2022-2023.

The Reds’ stronghold, Anfield Stadium, saw the Royal Club achieve a massive 5-2 victory over the landlord in a two-team marathon showdown at the Champions League Final Price.

The scoring was opened by Liverpool players as Nunez scored the first goal of the match in the seventh minute and Egyptian star Mohamed Salah managed to capitalize on an error by Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois to score the second goal. .

While the Real Madrid players managed to turn the tide against Liverpool by scoring five goals, they were scored by Vinicius Junior (two goals), Karim Benzema (two goals) and Eder Militao (one goal).

European newspapers ridicule Liverpool after Real Madrid’s crushing victory!

On the sidelines, the events celebrating this great event between Real Madrid and Liverpool opened the headlines of many famous European newspapers in their reports published this Wednesday morning.

The beginning was from the Spanish newspaper “AS”, from where the headline of its cover appeared, writing on it: “In the sky.”

And the newspaper added that the night Real Madrid lived at Anfield Road was “historic”, late with a clean double, the team managed to win in the end, and the credit for this belongs to Vinicius Junior, who scored two goals and opened Rimontada and also mentioned the outstanding performance of the duo Nacho and Luka Modric at the meeting.

The Spanish newspaper Marca, for its part, put a headline on a special cover with the comment: “Night of the Witches.”

The newspaper confirmed that Al Merenji performed a historic performance in honor of the spirit of the late Amancio, celebrating the success of the European giant in responding despite the delay in the result, with a clean double through Vinicius, then Militao and finally Karim Benzema.

As for the Catalan newspaper Sport, today it was content with the subheading at the top of its cover and wrote the following in it: “Madrid’s victory march at Anfield.”

And the Catalan newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” continued with a subheading on the cover that read: “Severe white remontada”.

And British newspaper THE SUN went on to point out that Liverpool’s Champions League dreams had faded after they scored five goals at Anfield Road for the first time in their history at European level.

The French newspaper L’Equipe concluded the headline on the cover: “Remontador”.


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