English Premier League standings after Liverpool draw against Crystal Palace

    On Saturday evening, the Liverpool team met their counterpart Crystal Palace in the twenty-fifth round of the Championship. English Premier League 2022-2023

    Selhurst Stadium, a Crystal Palace stronghold, witnessed a match that brought him into contact with the visiting Reds and ended in a goalless draw for the two teams.

    Premier League
    Premier League

    As part of the matches of the same round, Arsenal beat Leicester City with a score of 1: 0 and retained the first place in the Premier League table.

    Manchester City also won 4-1 at the expense of their host Bournemouth, while West Ham also beat their guest Nottingham Forest 4-0.

    Aston Villa managed to beat their host Everton with two unanswered goals, while Leeds United beat their guest Southampton with one goal.

    Matches of the twenty-fifth round of the championship of the English Premier League should be completed today, on Sunday, when Tottenham will meet with their counterpart Chelsea.

    English Premier League standings after Liverpool draw against Crystal Palace

    1- Arsenal, 57 points.
    2- Manchester City, 55 points.
    3- Manchester United, 49 points.
    4- Tottenham, 42 points.
    5- Newcastle United, 41 points.
    6- Fulham, 39 points.
    7- Liverpool, 36 points.
    8- Brighton, 35 points.
    9- Brentford, 35 points.
    10- Chelsea 31 points.
    11- Aston Villa, 31 points.
    12- Crystal Palace, 27 points.
    13- Nottingham, 25 points.
    14- Leicester City, 24 points.
    15- Wolves, 24 points.
    16- West Ham, 23 points.
    17- Leeds United, 22 points.
    18- Everton, 21 points.
    19- Bournemouth, 19 points.
    20- Southampton, 18 points.

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