English Clubs Plot to Secure Transfer of Rafinha from Barcelona This Summer

    Rafinha has played a pivotal role in recent weeks due to Ousmane Dembele’s injury, but the truth is that Barcelona are unhappy with his performance.

    Once the Frenchman returns from injury, he will be in the starting XI at the behest of Xavi Hernandez, with the Brazilian back on the bench, and many Premier League sides will take advantage of this situation to try to sign him in the upcoming summer transfer market.

    English clubs plan to kidnap Rafinha from Barcelona

    And according to the newspaper Sport, Arsenal are planning to sign Rafinha, but they are not the only English club showing interest in the Brazilian, as Newcastle United have appeared in the fight for the player in the past few hours.

    Barcelona player Rafinha
    Barcelona player Rafinha
    Where do they see Newcastle that he will be one of the most important supports next season and the aforementioned media confirm that McBase are planning to put a large number on the table for Barca next summer so they can take the Brazilian to St Louis “. James Park.

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