England Women’s Shorts Undergo Color Change Due to Discomfort with White

    The English Football Association announced today, Monday, that the women’s national team will wear blue shorts after players raised concerns about their comfort when playing in white while on their period.

    The FA did not explain why the shorts were changed in a press release, but England striker Beth Meade said last year that the team approached Nike about a possible change because the white shorts were “impractical when the time came for a month”.

    European champions England will wear the blue shorts home and away in friendlies this month against Brazil and Australia, as well as the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand from 20 July to 20 August.

    The Manchester City women’s team changed the color of their white shorts, as did West Bromwich Albion and the Ireland women’s rugby team.

    The issue of white players was raised at the Wimbledon tennis tournament last year, with some players talking about the anxiety and stress of having to wear white.

    Wimbledon organizers have decided to make an exception to the white rule, and starting this year, female players will be allowed to wear dark colored underwear.

    Source: “Wakalat”

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