"Don’t say “Remontada” and say “Real Madrid”.".. term "big comeback" Back at the forefront of football

    If you’re a fan of Spanish football, you’ve probably heard the word “remontada” as it was in wide use after Barcelona beat Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League in 2017.

    The term “remontada” became widespread later, after the elimination of Barcelona from the European Champions League in the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 seasons.

    What does “repair” mean?

    It is a Spanish word meaning restoration or return, and was widely used in wars, describing civil battles and independence revolutions between the 16th and 19th centuries AD, when the Basque regions and Catalonia tried to secede from the Spanish monarchy.

    – “Remontada” in football

    “Remontada” (big comeback or comeback) is used in football when a team is late with a result but comes back or recovers and flips the tables and things on their opponent to achieve a winning result.

    The word “Remontada” was used in the 80s and 90s of the last century, and it disappeared later, until the Catalan newspaper Sport brought it back in 2013, but this word did not catch on until the famous Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. match, after the Catalan team won back their delay in front of Saint-Germain (0-4) in the final prize of the European Champions League for the 2016/2017 season to a home win with six goals per goal.

    Last season, Real Madrid dazzled fans of the round witch after he returned in several matches, especially against Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City, on his way to winning the Champions League.

    In the middle of this week, the Royal Club lifted a two-goal unanswered delay against Liverpool in the first leg of the Champions League final price to claim a convincing 5-2 victory.

    From this point of view, the well-known Tunisian commentator of the Qatari BN Sports network, Issam Chavali, during his comment yesterday, Thursday, on the match between Barcelona and Manchester United in the second leg of the play-offs of the 32nd round of the European Football League called for changing the term “big returns” in the Football sentence from “Remontada” to “Real Madrid”, because the royal team is used to returning as a result under any circumstances.

    Chavali said during his comment: “Don’t say ‘Remontada’, say ‘Real Madrid’.” I will call a spade a spade.”

    He added: “From now on, remove the word ‘Remontada’ from your vocabulary and call it ‘Real Madrid’.

    Source: RT

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