Discover the ironic reason why Barcelona supporters are pursuing Vinicius.

    Fans of the first Barcelona football team launched a mockery of the Brazilian star Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid winger, against the backdrop of the match between Girona and Bezet.

    The match of the Royal Club against Girona ended with the defeat of Real Madrid (4:2) in the match, which was held as part of the 31st round of the Spanish Championship.

    Catalan club

    The Catalan club is top of the La Liga standings with 76 points, while Real Madrid are in second place with 65 points and Barça are playing one match less.

    Barcelona fans are ironically chasing Vinicius, find out why!

    Vinicius Jr.
    Barcelona fans are ironically chasing Vinicius, find out why!

    Vinicius shared one of the tweets through his official account on the microblogging site Twitter accusing his team’s match referee of neglecting Girona and serving some other teams.

    During the match, Vinicius received an unfair yellow card from the match referee, prompting Vinny to attack the referee’s play.

    Where he confirms that Real Madrid are subjected to exaggerated injustice during their matches and that is what prompted him to share this tweet and comment on it by saying “This is the Spanish league” noting that arbitration injustice is in a local framework only.real Madrid

    Barça and Real Madrid

    But it didn’t end there, as Catalan fans reacted to Vinnie, who ridiculed his actions, calling what he did undermining Barcelona, ​​especially since they are the closest to winning La Liga.

    She also expressed dissatisfaction with Vinicius and his act, stressing that he tried to justify his team’s crushing defeat by Girona in the last confrontation between them in the competition. La Liga.

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