Disclosing Messi’s Conversation with Two Barcelona Leaders over Dinner

    The Spanish radio station Radio Catalunya recently released details of what happened between Lionel Messi, the French star of Paris Saint-Germain, and the captains of Barcelona during a dinner held in one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city.

    And the Argentine star dined with his former Catalan clubmates Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, fueling rumors of his return to his parent club.

    According to the report, Messi assured Busquets and Alba that if the conditions for his Spanish league contract are met, he will indeed return to Barcelona, ​​indicating that his agreement with the club seems to be very advanced already.

    And most importantly, it seems that Messi had a lot of confidence in returning to Barcelona, ​​despite what happened two years ago, he is confident that this time the club will have no problems processing his contract and he will be able to return to the Catalan club .

    For his part, Busquets, whose contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the current season, if Messi arrives, will force him to agree to a contract extension and stay for another year at Barcelona, ​​and it seems that his continuation is already dependent on the arrival of Messi before Total.

    As for Alba, whose contract runs until the summer of 2024, the arrival of Messi will force him to stay at least until the end of the contract, although he fears that his sporting importance in the team will decline more than this season.

    And about the period during which the trio is expected to stay together in Barcelona, ​​Catalan Radio reported that they consider themselves capable of playing together for one season rather than two seasons.

    And this will be one of the factors that must be agreed between Barcelona and Messi, as the club prefer Messi to return for two seasons and be the star of the opening of the new Camp Nou.

    Source: “Media”

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