Dire Outlook for Barcelona: Risk of Missing Out on Champions League Qualification

    According to press reports, Spanish club Barcelona are in danger of not playing in the Champions League next season.

    This is similar to the involvement of the Catalan team in the allegations against them in Spain regarding the offer of a bribe to influence arbitration for many years.

    The European Union has previously sent a formal request from the Spanish Federation; To provide all the information he has on a bribery case in which a Spanish club is accused.

    Barcelona are in danger of not qualifying for the Champions League next season.

    And the Spanish newspaper Sport reported that the Catalan team led by Joan Laporta is on the verge of being excluded from the Champions League next season.

    If the laws stipulate that in the event that the European Union is proven that Barça are indeed involved and it is proven that he provided money to José Negrera, the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee, he will be denied. participation in European competitions.

    With an emphasis on the fact that the sentence will be carried out indefinitely, even if the case ended many years ago.

    In the same context, the Catalan team had previously responded by explaining that the amounts paid to Negrera, which amounted to 7 million euros, were intended to request an arbitration board.

    She denied all accusations against her, especially since there was no influence on the decisions or appointments of referees in the team’s important matches in Spanish competitions.

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