Dimitar Berbatov: ‘Paul Pogba will be bothered by Graeme Souness criticism’


Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov declares that Graeme Souness’s routine criticism of Paul Pogba will “bother” the French midfielder.

Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has actually declared that Paul Pogba will be bothered by Graeme Souness‘s criticism.

The Scot has regularly called Pogba’s efficiencies into concern given that his go back to United in 2016, triggering the French international to just recently declare that he “didn’t know” who the Liverpool legend was.

Souness hit back by tough Pogba to “put his medals on the table”, however Berbatov has actually safeguarded Pogba’s response after a war of words similar to a “Greek tragedy”.

“I think this is pretty personal now, you can sense it the way these two talk about each other. I find it all too funny, it’s like Greek tragedy. Back in my early days, even when I was in my later playing days, social media wasn’t so big. It wasn’t like nowadays when players can easily get abused and you can see the opinion of pundits everywhere and it can affect you,” he informed Betfair.

” We are all human beings and we can all state ‘it does not trouble you’ however trust me, it does. It is essential for a player to hear an outside viewpoint, however it needs to originate from somebody who has actually existed and done that, somebody reputable who understands what they are discussing and what it is like to be a footballer.

” Nevertheless, some individuals talk for the sake of talking, so that they get observed, which can be ill-mannered and annoying. With Souness and Pogba, I find everything a little odd, however when somebody continuously criticises you, obviously you are going to snap.

“Even if it is good criticism, if it is constantly aimed at you and it doesn’t matter what you are doing, at some point you are going to be like: ‘Wait a minute, am I the only player on the f****** planet here?’ It doesn’t matter who the other person is, you are going to say something back and defend yourself, like what Pogba is doing, it’s normal.”

Pogba has actually been restricted to just 8 appearances throughout all competitions this season, however is because of be back offered if and when the season returns.

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