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Defeated Hopes in Euro 2024 Qualifying


The Scottish national team made a big surprise by beating the Spanish guest 2-0 on Tuesday night in the second round of the 2024 European Nations Cup qualifiers.

The hosts owe this major victory to Scott McTominay, who scored goals for his national team in the 7th and 51st minutes of the match at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Scotland secured their second successive UEFA Euro 2024 qualifier victory after first defeating the Cypriot guest (3-0) last Saturday in the first round of qualifiers to raise their tally to 6 points and is unique in the first group (A ), trailing by 3. Points for his Spanish bridesmaid.

The Georgian national team is in third place with a point, which they also received after a draw with the Norwegian guest (1:1) on Tuesday evening, and the latter dropped to fourth place also with one point after two matches.

Cyprus ranks last in the unbalanced group.

Source: RT


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