Darren Ferguson and Peterborough remain vigilant despite big win

    Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson stressed that he “will not rest” after his side’s crushing 4-0 victory over Sheffield Wednesday in the first leg of the League One play-off semi-finals.

    Chic, who made his way into the top six on the final day, put the shell-shocked Owls to the sword at the Weston Homes stadium.

    A yell from Cameron Dawson from Jack Taylor’s shot to Joe Ward’s shot making a vicious deflection saw the hosts take a 2-0 lead before half-time.

    Kwame Poku and Johnson Clarke-Harris, who scored the 29th goal of the season, finished the job and left on Wednesday with an absolute mountain to rise in the second leg next week.

    “The score is 4-0, but we are not going to get ahead of ourselves,” insisted Ferguson, who claims a fifth promotion with the club.

    “There will be no complacency from us if we go to Hillsborough.

    “We want to go to Hillsborough and try to win the game, that’s our mentality.

    “I felt like we couldn’t go there after losing tonight, it was a great night for us.

    “I have to say Will Norris made a big save for us (from Michael Smith) at 0-0. It was really a big rescue. It would change the course of the day.

    “It was a really, really top performance. All in all, it was a very enjoyable performance, but that’s only half the story.

    “I’ve been in this game long enough to know anything can happen, but it was a really good night for us. I have to say it.

    “It’s not about me, the players should take all the credit after such a performance. They need to get a loan. It was a very good performance against a good team.

    “The fans were outstanding. I’ve had it before here in the playoffs, it was amazing again.”

    There were already heads of heartache in the Owls’ bid for a return to the championship.

    They lost in the play-offs last season and ended up moving to Sunderland.

    And this season, their 96 points were the highest in Football League history without promotion after finishing third.

    The beating-drunk Owls boss Darren Moore mused: “Tonight is a bad night for us.

    “This is a huge task, we know it. They have a four-goal lead, but all we can do is think about the game and get ready for next week. This is a big difficult task.

    “I can fully understand the disappointment and frustration because there was real hope. There was a lot of energy among the guys and our fans.

    “It’s a disappointing night, but as a coach you have to try and keep your composure and get the guys ready for next week.”

    On Dawson’s mistake in the first goal, Moore added: “Mistakes in games cause a lot of negativity. Nine times out of ten, Cameron is dealing with this situation.

    “On a night like this, when your emotions are a little more flaring, it’s probably a loss of concentration.

    “Usually it’s a regular save and the second is a rebound, and then we lose two.”

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