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"Damn March 11th." Kill Neymar!


Brazilian star Neymar has sparked widespread controversy in recent years for being out of action through injury or suspension in connection with his sister Rafaela Santos’ birthday celebration.

Rafaela’s birthday falls on March 11 of every year and it looks like Neymar will be celebrating with his sister again after a new injury last Sunday during the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Lille.

The Paris club said in a statement that Neymar had a sprained ankle in his right foot, but an MRI confirmed that the Brazilian star did not have a broken bone.

According to media reports, a new injury will put Neymar out of action for three to four weeks.

Meanwhile, British newspaper The Sun reported that “Rafaela’s birthday curse” had shackled Neymar since 2013, as the player has since been absent from stadiums, coinciding with his sister’s birthday celebrations.

And the Sun reported that the 31-year-old will not be able to play a single game this year, due to his sister’s birthday celebration, for the eighth time in nine seasons.

The newspaper looked at the timeline of Neymar’s injuries and absences during his sister’s birthday:

2013/2014 – Substituted without playing for Barcelona.

2014/15 – received a yellow card, for which he was disqualified.

2015/2016 – suspended.

2016/17 – Will not be able to participate in the match on March 11 due to a muscle injury.

2017/18 – Neymar missed the remainder of the season due to injury in February.

2018/2019 – got a new injury

2019/2020 – Amazing performance and scoring on 11 March in PSG’s 2-0 Champions League win over Dortmund.

2020/2021 – Got a muscle injury.

2022/2023 – He will miss his team’s match against Brest on 12 March due to injury.

Source: “The Sun”


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