Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fiery Remarks Leave Lionel Messi Surprised!

    Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo of Saudi Al-Nasr has sent a strong signal to his perpetual Argentine rival Lionel Messi, the American Inter Miami striker.

    And Madeira’s rocket spoke during press statements in Portugal, saying: “Those who love Cristiano should not hate Messi. These two changed the history of football and they are respected. We have been sharing the stage for 15 years.”

    Cristiano Ronaldo wins Saudi Arabia
    Cristiano Ronaldo wins Saudi Arabia

    Cristiano Ronaldo: Competition with Lionel Messi is over

    And he stressed: “The rivalry between us (Messi and Ronaldo) is over and we both have good results in Saudi Arabia and the American League.”

    He added: “Everyone thought I was crazy when I moved to the Saudi League, but now nobody thinks I’m crazy.”

    He stressed: “Playing in the Saudi League is natural. I knew it would happen as an Al Nasr player. I’m honored to change culture, not just football. I feel proud when I see big stars.” in the Saudi League.

    Messi - Ronaldo
    Messi – Ronaldo

    And he continued: “I hear a few criticisms of the Saudi League, but tell me, is there a league in the world that is not criticized? Is there a league in the world without problems? Is there a league in the world in which there are no contradictions? Even in Portugal, my country, I see problems in the league happening in Saudi Arabia.”

    Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed his position on the 2026 World Cup.

    Chris said: “My presence at the 2026 World Cup? Now I’ll be very honest: in the last two years, I think that different things have happened that told me that I think that life should be a moment, I can no longer think that in the long run something can happen there that something is changing, everyone, enjoy the moment.

    He continued: “That’s good. The goal is to go to the European Championship and have a great European Championship and we’ll see everything else. Life is dynamic and you don’t know what can happen. Enjoy the moment.”

    He added: “Let’s go slowly. It’s clear that 900 goals is a goal and an ambition when playing football. I want to enjoy the moment. Life and football are dynamic. Tomorrow is uncertain. The moment is good in the national team.” and in the club, so it’s time to continue.”

    Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi

    He continued, “I think I’ve used so many people that sometimes it feels like I don’t have many people. I feel like I’m doing a good job.

    star concluded Global: “And I think that this year I will score more than 17 goals. I will try to carry as much as possible in a season, because it is normal that there are ups and downs when they need Cristiano, whether in the club or in the team.” team, I want to be there.”

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