Cristiano Ronaldo’s actions prompt Al-Hilal fans to disrespect symbols of victory

    Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, a player of Al-Nasr Club’s first football team, has been the subject of abuse of international symbols by Al-Hilal fans.

    Al-Alami, led by Al-Don, failed to capture the Riyadh Season Cup title in a match they lost (2-0) at the Kingdom Arena, the Blue Team’s stronghold.

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    After the end of the derby, the Madeira rocket caused controversy with its disgraceful behavior when Al-Hilal fans provoked it, causing the former to become trapped and engage in inappropriate behavior, during which social media users demanded that he be handed over for treatment. investigation.

    Cristiano Ronaldo forces Al-Hilal fans to insult victory symbols

    The result was an electronic war between fans of the two teams on social media, with both audiences appearing to be on the lookout for each other, which backfired.

    Al-Azraq fans have shared an old conversation between the late Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud. Former World President since the 2000 Club World Cup, during which he praised the fair play provided by his team.


    Some of the Blues fans came out and made a lot of sarcastic symbols towards him, which angered the Riyadh Yellows fans who considered it a great insult to their team symbols.

    Someone expressed this anger Nazarenessaying: “He opens the space and broadcasts an interview with the symbol of victory, Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud, may God have mercy on him. They then exchange sarcasm and laughter at him, then look at the morals and movements of Ronaldo. No wonder their understanding of the upbringing of their newspaper, printing caricatures of the deceased.”

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