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Cristiano Ronaldo Rents Out His Mansion as Georgina Gets Lost Inside


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker of the Saudi football club Al-Nasr, has decided to rent out his palace in the Spanish capital Madrid.

Immediately after joining the ranks of Real Madrid in the summer of 2009, Ronaldo bought a luxurious £4.8 million mansion from Manchester United to live in the capital of Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo played for Real Madrid for 9 whole years, from 2009 to 2018, to achieve a number of historic achievements individually and collectively, and also won many tournaments, most notably 4 European Champions League titles.

In less than a decade, Madeira Rocket has become Real Madrid’s historic goalscorer with 450 goals in just 438 games.

Ronaldo Palace is located in the prestigious “La Finca” area, considered the residence of the Spanish capital’s elite, and was designed by renowned architect Joaquín Torres. The house consists of 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, as well as a gym.workouts in them.

The British newspaper The Sun, in a report referring to the Spanish Mundo Deportivo, indicated that Ronaldo put the palace up for sale for £8,800 a month.

Ronaldo’s palace recently appeared in the documentary Anna Georgina, in which the Argentine-Spanish model, partner of the Portuguese Don, spoke about her relationship with the legendary star.

Georgina revealed that she got lost in Ronaldo’s palace in Madrid, saying: “I got lost when I first came to the palace. I wanted to go to the kitchen for water, but I didn’t know where to go.”

She also says: “Sometimes it takes me half an hour to get to the living room, it was very large, I’ve been used to living in small apartments all my life, so I was amazed.”

Cristiano Ronaldo owns a group of other mansions away from the Madrid home, most of which are in the cities of the teams he played for, and he has a mansion in Madeira, his hometown in Portugal, and another in Turin, Italy, which he bought. when he represented Juventus from 2018 to 2021.

In addition, there is a palace for the Portuguese star in Chetshire, England, worth £3 million, another in Marbella, Spain, worth $1.4 million, and a third in Chatshire. Quinta da Marina” on the coast of the Riviera in Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 38, lives with his family in a large palace in Riyadh, surrounded by a huge security fence, after he left the royal apartments he lived in when he came into the world, the famous Four Seasons Hotel.

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