Cristiano Ronaldo imposes strict regime on Saudi victory!

    Al-Nasr Saudi nutritionist José Belisa has made some fiery statements about Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the team’s star.

    José Bliza praised the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and considers him the best player in history.

    Cristiano Ronaldo imposes strict regime on Saudi victory!

    José Belisa spoke about the imposition of a tough system by the Portuguese legend on the Saudi Al-Nasr team.

    “Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in history,” José said.

    And he stressed: “The first time I met him, we talked about his diet and how he understands its importance through rest for performances on and off the field.”

    And he lured: “Cristiano Ronaldo is the first to arrive at the headquarters of Al-Nasr, and the last to leave the club.”

    And he continued: “Cristiano Ronaldo has a very good nutritional education and eats a varied and healthy diet to get energy for games and training.”

    And he continued: “I have not found a more professional footballer than him, and every conversation that I have with him is a learning experience for me.”

    And he added: “Cristiano helps me a lot, because I can’t teach him anything else, and the rest of the players do the same as he does, because everything he does helps to improve his game.”

    Blisa concluded: “Since Cristiano Ronaldo started training with Al-Nasr, every player at the club has been training more intensely and following a stricter diet.”

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