Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Departure from Saudi Victory in Official Report

    Some press reports suggested that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia during the upcoming summer transfers and return to Europe again.

    The Portuguese player’s contract with Al-Nasr from Saudi Arabia stipulates that if he leaves the club for no reason, he will be obliged to compensate the Saudi club for fees and expenses that the club paid to the player.

    Cristiano Ronaldo walks away from victory

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    And the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo confirmed that Ronaldo wanted to leave Al Nasr as soon as possible, and that some things happened that made him want to leave quickly and return to Europe again.

    The newspaper added: “The situation in the country is far from what the Portuguese star is aiming for, as the player recently realized.

    The newspaper concluded: The environment surrounding the Portuguese player is urging him to leave the club as soon as possible, which the player will do at Mercato next summer.

    Cristiano joined Al Nasr on a free transfer last January, after the end of the World Cup in Qatar after his contract with Manchester United was terminated.

    Al-Don has been able to score 14 goals since joining the Saudi victory, over the course of 17 matches the player has featured with the team in various competitions.

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